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Different "elements" or "affinities" make up different abilities and items in the world of Lumeria.  Sometimes referred to as "keywords" by developers and other players.

Because there are no set classes for combat, you are not required to use an item of any affinity unless it appeals to your play-style; however, using multiple items with the same affinity can offer additional bonuses in some situations.

For example, using the Wanderer's Blazing Guise which has a fire affinity combined with Wanderer's Blazing Bow and the Molten Iron Orb will grant the Maximum Affinity Effect to Erupt. When Erupt is triggered, it summons a fire-themed cyclone to do damage over time.

When crafting, you will need various Essences to make various gear, like weapons and armor. The same affinities also apply to some monsters players encounter in the Chaos Caverns, but particularly to the Creature Props placed using Build Mode.

Types Edit


Icons for the Affinities have an associated color (e.g. green = affliction) that you'll note is associated with gear and with the creature props.

Though Landmark is genre agnostic, rather than a fantasy-themed game, many veteran MMO players will find some of the styles of the effects of each Affinity familiar to some degree.


Most often associated with damage or spellcasting.  Landmark currently features this affinity through the archetype "rogue ranger".  


Most often associated with spell casting or "mage" archetypes.  


Most often associated with spellcasting, nature or "druid" archetype.  Landmark features this affinity through the archetype "melee aggressive fighter".


Most often associated with brute force and melee weaponry, traditional "tank" or "warrior" archetypes.  


Most often associated with necromancy, spellcasting, or traditional "rogue" archetype.  


Most often associated with spellcasting, Landmark features this affinity through the archetype "healer/support".


Most often associated with necromancy, spellcasting, or traditional "shadowknight" archetype.

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