Landmark Biomes Aug2014

Examples of the four original biomes in Landmark as of Aug 2014

New biomes may 2015

Surface biomes added in May 2015.

Biomes are the various terrain types and styles that constitute the various Landscapes of Lumeria.

Each Biome has a specific look, atmosphere, lighting style, and may provide a greater quantity of specific resources like themed wood, ice, or other resources.

Important Biome FactsEdit

  • Biomes are not limited to specific tiers. That means even if you need Striped Wood, you can visit any Landscapes that has a desert biome where that wood is found in abundance.
  • All landscapes have at least two biomes at this time. The first is in the center and the second on the outer edges near the ocean. Some may include snow-capped peaks. For example, a landscape might be mostly desert and old growth forest, but have fairly robust areas of tundra on the taller mountains.
  • All Landscapes have an Ocean biome

Biomes available in 2016Edit

  • Desert Biome - sparse, pale grasses and trees that can live in extreme heat
  • Jungle Biome [1] - lighter green grasses, palm and rain forest-like trees
  • Old Growth Forest Biome lush, dark green grasses, extremely tall trees
  • Tundra Biome [2] -snow, ice, with minimal grasses, mix of trees with many pines
  • Deciduous Biome- features lush, fall-colored leaves on birch trees. This biome was introduced in May 2015.
  • Volcanic Biome - lava flows and rocky landscape. This biome was introduced in May 2015. As of July 2016, this biome's trees seem to be missing. It's unclear if this is a bug or an intentional change.
  • Ocean Biome - as it sounds, an underwater, ocean themed landscape and plant life. This biome technically existed prior to May 2015, but was barren sand until the May 2015 update.

List of Landscapes and their BiomesEdit

See the Servers and Landscapes page for a list ofbiomes

Future BiomesEdit

  • As of June 2016 all biomes described by developers before launch are in the game, though more may be added in the future.


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