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Chaos Caverns are the deep, underground versions of surface caves.

How they Differ from Caves[]

An Outpost. The glowing Lost Crystal can be seen, surrounded by enemies.

Often, Lost Chests are partially buried in the Outpost.

As of June 2016, the Chaos Caverns are:

  • Much deeper than the surface caves.
  • Contain monsters that attack, rather than passively damage like the exploding mushrooms ("boom 'shrooms")
  • Have Outposts built by players that have been selected by means of competitions and placed there by the developers.

Tips for Exploration[]

If form a Party they can help you battle monsters you encounter, but the Chaos Caverns can also be explored solo too if one is cautious. Everyone in a party will get the loot (resources and other items) when you are in a party, so there is not need to avoid forming spontaneous parties too.

You can explore in the starter gear, but when you can use the Replicator to upgrade your weapon and armor

  • As you gather resources on the world's surface, you will get items to upgrade gear, though the drop rate may be slower than the drops in battle.

Upgrading you Grappling Hook can make exploring easier, as the better hook allows for faster movement at longer distances.

If you discover an Outpost and defeat the elite monster to activate the Lost Crystal, you will get a prompt at the end that allows you to travel to a new cavern automatically.