Landmark relies a lot on mouse and keyboard controls for building, camera control and other action. To access the keybind options, log in and press Esc. Choose Game Options.

Below is a list of the game controls.

  • You can access this list by pressing Esc while in-game to open the settings menu and choosing Game Controls from the list of options.
  • Depending on what you are doing, you may need to hit Esc twice to access the settings menu as described above. This is because it also disengages any active gathering tools or weapons and exits build mode.




Pressing numbers 1, 2 , 3 etc. will automatically switch to the corresponding tools in the hotbar.

Mouse and KeyboardEdit

Autorun Numlock or hold both mouse buttons down when out of combat
Move WASD, Arrow key, or R and L mouse buttons held down
Strafe Left Right Mouse Button & A or left Arrow Key
Strafe Right Right Mouse Button & D or right Arrow Key
Zoom Camera Scroll Wheel
Sprint Shift
Jump Space
Open/Close Map M
Open/Close Inventory


Toggle Full Screen

Alt + Tab

Toggle Performance Alt + F
Switch Equipment Use number corresponding to the hotbar location (see example image)
Toggle Script Window Alt + S
Toggle Tool Tips Alt
Character Window (combined with inventory) I
Build Site Management U
Take Screenshot (letter) O or Ctrl + F12 (Ctrl + F12 only works when the game is in Fullscreen mode)
Hide Interface Alt or Ctrl + F10
Fire Grappling Hook

Aim with mouse pointer and press Q

Release Grappling Hook Space bar
Walk .
Change Hotbars Control + [1-9]


See the Build Mode page for info on the UI for this activity. The controls below are basics. Most tools have shortcuts seen on the far right while in build mode.

Zoom in while placing a build site or while building on a claim. Ctrl + Mousewheel
Copy Ctrl + C
Cut Ctrl + X
Paste Ctrl + V
To flip/mirror a pasted selection. V
Undo Ctrl + Z (up to 20 steps)
Redo Ctrl + Y (up to 20 steps)
Material Picker/Eyedropper Tool (with any Building Tool equipped) Hold Alt
Enlarge/Shrink the size of most Building Tools Mouse Scroll Wheel
Cube/Sphere Toggle (when on cube or sphere shape) Press C
To disengage a tool/exit building mode Press Esc
Open/Close the Designs library L

Selection Faces - When Z selecting the yellow face, you could select either face "1" or face "2".

* When you click on a selection box you normally select the face of the box that is in the front (facing your character). While in Build Mode, you will select the face of the selection box that is in the back, which may be a face which is adjacent to the front face, depending on how you are looking at the box (where you're standing in relation to the box).


Use Pick Left-click Once per hit, or hold
Use Axe Left-click Once for auto

Further ReadingEdit

If you're new to Landmark, you may want to read about these related topics:

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