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On Feb. 2nd, 2015, the company formerly known as SOE was sold to Columbus Nova, an investment management firm. The company was then renamed Daybreak Gaming Company, LLC. The company name is frequently shortened to Daybreak, Daybreak Games, DBC, or even DC.

New Company Logo and Outlook[]

In an article written by Brendan Sinclair for Games Industry, the new logo design was described as:

"The Daybreak logo was designed to reflect that brand, with a nocturnal aspect, (the owl's eye), a technological aspect (the gear within the eye), and a more literal aspect (the "Daybreak" of a rising sun within the gear)."

On April 28th, 2015, John Smedly was interviewed in depth about the process and reasons the company changed hands as well as, their goals and plans for the future.

Official Site and Social Media[]

Media Coverage of the Change[]

Major Media Outlets
Coverage immediately after the purchase of SOE and prior to the change to DBC:

Gaming Site Coverage

Changes in Leadership[]

On Feb. 11, 2015, several well known and beloved developers, community managers, and other team members were laid off.

Related Topics[]

The virtual currency used in all games owned by the company is Daybreak Cash