While monster tend to be mindless roamers, these are sentient type of Non-Player Characters (NPCs) that have a distinct culture, expressed in their weapons and clothing. They look like they live in groups and could have villages or cities.

See the Monsters (PvE) page for common, roaming types.

Barren FactionEdit

The Barren creatures are ambling skeletons that are often associated with classic films that feature the special of effects artwork of Ray Harryhuasen like the skelleton warriors in Jason and the Argonauts.

Ebonguard FactionEdit

The Ebongaurd are an Evlen faction, complete with pointy ears and otherworldly skin tones.

Highfall FactionEdit

The Highfall creature props are humans that (mostly) suit a high-fantasty theme, though some may have a steampunk look.

NovaTech FactionEdit

The NovaTech are all human, but they rely heavily on technology, so you will see the inclusion of robotic enemies, like the NoveTech Firehound, in this category.

Stoneskin FactionEdit

The Stoneskin are hulking golems. Though quite large, the largest of these creature props will have giant in their names, like the Magma Giant. Even the regular Stoneskin are tiny in close proximity to the giants.

Scalewind FactionEdit

The Scalewind are fairly similar to D&D Kobolds, though they are far more like "terror birds" (Phorusrhacidae)


As Creature PropsEdit

All common monsters and enemy factions NPCs can be placed on any build sites.

  • This specialized type of prop can be set to take specific actions when players visit is grouped in the Prop Palette as Creature Props.
  • All players have access to Creature Props as soon as they log in for the first time. See the Innate Creature Props (List) page for more info.

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