A Grappling Hook is an equipment item that allows you to rapidly travel up and over the landscape and out of difficult spots in Landmark, by firing the hook at a wall, trees, or any other solid surface.

About Grappling HooksEdit

All players start out with the basic, Adventurer's Grappling Hook. If you'd like to see see your grappling hook to check the stats after you've equipped it, press i to open the personal inventory.

You will need a grappling hook to reach some mined ore, gems, and uncommon stone in some situations. Many mined resources can only be found in in caves and often those veins are in the walls or ceilings of caves. It's useful for getting out of holes you fall into or holes you dig while mining. Though you can find some mined resources in the surface caves, larger deposits are often found in the very deep and very treacherous Chaos Caverns.

Examples of Grappling Hook Use

Grappling hooks can be aimed and used to climb any solid surface.
  • Climbing trees to survey the landscape can be fun and useful for finding resources.
  • Many mined resources can only be found in in caves and often those veins are in the walls or ceilings of caves
  • Getting into the and out of the deeper parts Chaos Caverns or out of holes you dig while mining requires a grappling hook
  • To aid you in avoiding monsters while exploring
  • Climbing up and over mountains quickly
  • Faster travel over normal ground, by rapid firing the hook repeatedly
  • Climbing on your build site while building, especially when working on a tall structure

How to use the hookEdit

  1. R click on it in your inventory (i) and it will automatically equip.
  2. Use your mouse pointer to aim
  3. Press Q to fire the hook (the default was changed from E in late Nov. 2014)
  4. Press the space bar to release (when and if you want to let go of the spot you've grappled to)

Video Demonstration of a Grappling HookEdit

You can view a demonstration of how to use a grappling hook in this video.

Types of Grappling HooksEdit

As of June 2016 the grappling hooks may have changed. For example, the Delver's Hook can now be crafted (not just looted). Please update info to help the community.

There are several types of hooks with varying abilities.

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