Landmark Wiki

Guild created on the opening of guilds within landmark closed-beta by Tenma (Tenma_eqnl). The guild does not consider itself like others as it changes the way we think of guilds at the core. Every member has equal standing from the leader down to the newest member.

Currently the largest guild within Landmark with over 170 members joining within the first week.

Colossus uses TS3 and ingame chat to communicate. They host weekly building events that are Guild Neutral, affiliation to a specific guild does not prevent others from coming and being apart of the Landmark community as a whole and welcomes others from across Landmark to participate to foster communication and learning.

Primary moto for the guild is "Learn, Teach and Build together"

Points of contact:

IGN: Karrane

IGN: Tenma

or just follow Tenma on his twitch channel and speak to him or a member directly :