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Guilds are the heart of any MMORPG. Make sure your Landmark guild is listed here for others to find.

  • The ability to form a guild was added Aug 7, 2014. If you are a guild leader in the making, you can see the on the forums first version of the guild UI on the forums.
  • To open the guild UI window, press N.

How To Add[]

Instructions for adding your guild to this list:

  • Click "Edit" at the top left of the page.
  • Choose between "North American" and "International" Guilds sections.
  • Select the last bullet point item and tap "Enter/Return" on your keyboard after the last letter. a new bullet point will appear.
  • Add the name of your guild in that bullet point.
  • If your guild is something different than normal (i.e. PvP, Roleplay, etc.) please specify that in parenthesis.
  • Select the name of your guild with your mouse.
  • Click the "link" button at the top (looks like a link).
  • Enter either the URL of your guild in the link section OR the name of your guild's page (should already exist on the Wikia). For help creating a new page for your guild, click here. If you create a new page for your guild, make sure to use the "Guilds" category.
  • Click Preview or Publish.

Making a Guild Page[]

To create your guild page, use the box below. Enter your guild name and press the Create button.

<createbox> preload=Template:Guild Page Layout width=40 prefix=Guild: </createbox>

Note: you will still have to add your guilds name and link to the list below.

North American Guilds[]

For more information on each guild, click on the links above.

International Guilds[]

For more information on each guild, click on the links above.