Metals (ore) can be found while out exploring the world on the landscape's surface. Sometimes you will need to venture into surface caves and deep into Chaos Caverns to mine.

  • Most of the metal in Landmark has a similar real-world equivalent like copper, gold, silver and so on.

Mining MetalEdit


Above: a gold ore vein.

Mined ore is found only in veins and can be mined it with any pick or extractor.

All mined metal must be processed into smelted metal at the Replicator. After they are refined, smelted metals can be used as-is for crafting or building.

To learn more about what must be mined see the Mining Guide.


Smelted metal can be combined to make composite metal for even greater variety. Composites offer a broadened range of colors and textures for building.

Other InfoEdit

  • An Ore Prospector helps locate ore veins to mine.
  • During the game's early development, metal (like all other resources) had many names, many locations, and many uses. As the game was released in 2016, the whole Gathering process was simplified.