Mining is one way you will gather materials used to craft and build in Landmark.

Know your PickEdit


The Farseer Pick and Founder's Pickaxe auto-detect ore and minerals when equipped.

See the Gathering Tools page to read about the general topic.

All picks players start with a basic, pick. All picks can mine all gems, ore, and uncommon stone.

The pick you choose to use will offer different benefits and you can choose which to use, based on your personal preferences.

Step Up to ExtractorsEdit

When you have spent some time in the world, you may want to graduate to Extractors. These futuristic tools allow you to gather both mined resources and resources from trees.

  • Before you can craft any of the extractors, you must either discover the recipe while gathering resources or "buy" the recipes using Lumens.
  • Like picks, extractors have special features that makes one one attractive than another, based on your play style.
  • Extractors require a greater quantity of crafting components to make than picks.
  • This tool class can also be used to tunnel while exploring Chaos Caverns.

Essential Mining GearEdit

Having the right gear makes mining easy. A pick is the essential, basic tool you need, but due to the way ore and minerals are found in the world, the following gear will make your life as a miner much easier.

  • Grappling Hook - All players start with one and though it can help you get up and over mountains quickly, it's essential for mining in surface caves and deep Chaos Caverns. Some deposits are in the walls and ceilings of caves and require grappling. Grappling is necessary in most caves, so make one before you jump in a cave drop-off. If you find yourself in a cave without a grappling hook though, press ESC and use Evac to return to the surface.
  • Ore Prospector - This is used to help you find large deposits of ore if you are not using a Farseer Pick or NovaTech Holoseeker extractor.
  • Ground Sounder - This functions just like the Ore Prospector, but it is used to find mineral deposits.
  • Cave Sounder - When this tool is used, it reveals all nearby cave tunnels to explore.
  • Lightstone or Bottled Moonlight - These will light you way inside caves. You can make lightstones at any time, but bottled moonlight requires plants harvested inside of specific caves.

Equipping and Un-Equipping ToolsEdit

Landmark hotbar with gathering tools

A hotbar with harvesting tools. L to R: a pick, an axe, a sickle, a lightstone, a rockgrinder, the ore prospector, and ground sounder.

Gathering Tools must be equipped in your hotbar to use them. Press i to open your inventory and drag them to a hotbar.

Once they are in the hotbar, align the circular target area with what you want to mine, and use your mouse to L click to mine. Press Esc to deactivate the tool.

If you decide to use more than one pick or need to hot swap to a weapon, you can use the regular number keys (1, 2, 3, etc.) on your keyboard to toggle between tools and weapons.

Location, LocationEdit

In order to mine successfully, you need to know where to go and where you can and can't mine.

  • If you are new to the game you may want to read up on exploration to learn about helpful gear.
  • When you travel to a new server and/or landscape, move away from the spire to mine. You can't mine right next to the spire and a system message will tell you when you are able to do so.
  • Likewise, you can not harvest on your build sites or anyone else's. The target circle for your tool will turn red if you are within a the building boundaries.

Surface ResourcesEdit

All landscapes have some basic resources that can be mined just by walking around and looking for them in the distance.

To gather some ore, gems, and uncommon stone players will need to venture into surface caves at the very least.

Uncommon Stone Ore (Metal) Gem
Amaranthine Copper Ore Sapphire
Marble Tin Ore Agate
N/A Iron Ore N/A

Underground ResourcesEdit

In the case of these mined resources, you can find them in two way

  1. Limited quantities may be in surface caves, accessed by simply walking into them as you see them.
  2. Larger quantities can be found with in the larger, deeper Chaos Caverns by using the quick travel system.
Uncommon Stone Ore (Metal) Gem
Alabaster Silver Ore Ruby
Obsidian Gold Ore Emerald
N/A Iron Ore Diamond

Tips and TricksEdit

  • For those who prefer to avoid deep Chaos Caverns, mined materials can be found by looking for surface caves. It may take a bit of exploring to find those that have a variety though, so make note of the location if you intend to come back later and mine again.
  • Often, surface caves that have a broader selection will have those mined materials visible near the entrance of the cave, so you know before running inside.
  • Switching your tools out can help you achieve you mining goals. For example, if you meed a lot of diamond, you might use the Farseer Pick, but if you want find more special components like Adventure Essence, then using the Charmed Pick might be a better choice.
  • If you don't want to use the Farseer Pick, one of two detection tools can be used to find materials you mine: Ore Prospector (ore) and Ground Sounder (minerals)
  • Mining tips: if an ore or mineral is pale in color, go to a biome with darker grasses (eg. silver ore in an Old Forest biome). In the opposite situation, the same approach works (e.g. iron in a Tundra biome). In general, deserts are good for seeing most ore and minerals on the surface.

Visual GuideEdit


Ore is anything you mine that mimics the look of metal in the real world.

AppearanceMaterial NameMining LocationsMaterial TypeDetection Tool
Copper Ore All landscape surfaces Ore (Metal) Ore Prospector
Tin Ore All landscape surfaces Ore (Metal) Ore Prospector
Iron Ore All landscape surfaces Ore (Metal) Ore Prospector
Silver Ore Some surface caves, chaos caverns Ore (Metal) Ore Prospector
Gold Ore Some surface caves, chaos caverns Ore (Metal) Ore Prospector

Uncommon StoneEdit

Unlike the common versions of stone, uncommon stone found in viens that must be mined.

AppearanceMaterial NameMining LocationsMaterial TypeDetection Tool
Marble All landscape surfaces Superior Stone Ground Sounder
Amaranthine All landscape surfaces Superior Stone Ground Sounder
Obsidian Some surface caves, chaos caverns Superior Stone Ground Sounder
Alabaster Some surface caves, chaos caverns Superior Stone Ground Sounder


Most gems tend to have "flashy" colors that are easy to spot from afar, often mimicking real-world gems.

AppearanceMaterial NameMining LocationsMaterial TypeDetection Tool
Agate All landscape surfaces Gemstone Ground Sounder
Sapphire All landscape surfaces Gemstone Ground Sounder
Ruby Some surface caves, chaos caverns Gemstone Ground Sounder
Emerald Some surface caves, chaos caverns Gemstone Ground Sounder
Diamond Some surface caves, chaos caverns Gemstone Ground Sounder

Other ResourcesEdit

Common Natural ResourcesEdit

All common stone, dirt, ice, snow are unlimited free-to-use building materials as long as players use any of the natural terrain textures and a very limited selection of slate and masonry textures. This means these resources are now only passively mined as you gather any other mined resources.

  • Dirt: the most common resource, you will get dirt any time you mine in areas that look grassy (including the desert.
  • Stone: found on the surface of many mountains, but in great quantities when you mine in caves
  • Sand: found on all beaches near the sea and on the top layer of deserts.
  • Snow and Ice

Composite MaterialsEdit

Composite materials are made by combining two or more resources.

This effectively doubles the available selection of Building Materials players can use from mined sources alone. For example, by combining two kinds of smelted metal at a Replicator, Smelted Solucite (a non-mined resource) is made.

Several types of mined resources can be combined in this manner to make additional metal, gems, and even special stone like Lumicite.

See the Composite Resources page to learn more about the variety of resources made in this manner.

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