Generally speaking, this Multiplayer Online Game (MMO) term refers to characters within the game that are not controlled by players in real time.


Game characters of this type are also often called "mobs", "monsters", "baddies", etc. In Landmark they can be divided into two general types:

  1. Monsters (PvE) - mindless, roamers without a distinct culture
  2. Enemy Factions - NPCs that look as though they live in groups and have a distinct, shared culture (similar clothing, tattoos, etc.)

How Landmark DiffersEdit

In Landmark, players can encounter 2 types of NPCs:

  1. Those placed in the game world by the developers
  2. Those placed by fellow players who have a build site.

Those placed by fellow players are actually a special type of prop found in the Special Effects category of the Prop Palette. Players can use the Creature Props to create a unique combat experience, in which they preset combat behaviors for the NPCs to undertake auntomatically when others come to visit the site.

See the Creature Prop page for more info.

Related TopicsEdit

  • Story Tools - these tools work well with Creature Props
  • Monsters (PvE) - the creatures mimic the types of monsters players will encounter "in the wild," placed by the developers of the game.
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