An Outpost. The glowing Lost Crystal can be seen, surrounded by enemies. (Click to enlarge)

Outposts are various buildings and other structures that can be found inside the Chaos Caverns.

  • These builds were all constructed by Landmark players.



Often, Lost Chests are partially buried in the Outpost.

Outposts can be found in the largest caverns withing the Chaos Caverns. They serve as a goal for explorers to discover the art of fellow players, but also have three very practical purposes as well.

Explorers can hunt:
  1. Elite Monsters: Inside every outpost are various monsters and 1 Elite Monster. Elite monsters are tougher than the common monsters found roaming all over the Chaos Caverns.
  2. Lost Chests: Outposts or contain one Lost Chest. Lost Chests hold a greater quantity and variety of loot than the common chests one might find in a surface cave. (Common chests have resources as loot). Lost chests are typically partially hidden within the outpost and must be reached by digging them out.
  3. Lost Crystals: Every Outpost has a Lost Crystal. The crystal can only be activated after the Elite Monster is defeated and it has an even greater quantity and variety of loot than the chests.

Who Made This?Edit


On nearing the edge of any Outpost, the creator's name and the date it was made appears. (Click to enlarge)

All Outposts were built by Landmark players and chosen though various contests. Contest winners were chosen by a mix of developer selection after submission and then by player voting.

When you approach one, it is possible that your friend or a guildmate made that structure, which makes discovering them fun.

See the example with two adjoined images. The larger image show the whole Outpost. Within the box outlined in yellow is a player entering the lower edge of the Outpost. The name of the Outpost appears in white text, along with the date it was created.

If you miss the name of the Outpost and want to see it again, simply back out and wait a few moments. When you approach again, it will appear on the screen.

See the Outposts A-Z (List) page for an alphabetical list of outposts by title, creator, and date.

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