Recipe is a shortcut term for any non-innate item knowledge your character can gain while engaged in non-building activities.

A Misnomer in LandmarkEdit

In Landmark, the word 'recipe' is a misnomer that can create confusion for new players.

  • In the real-world to the word recipe generally refers to cooking or similar knowledge, but it is typically used in games to describe a character's knowledge of how to craft every type of useful or consumable item (food, equipment, potions, etc.).
  • In Landmark, it is neither of these things explicitly, as it can refer to both the a character's knowledge of how to craft useful items, but also because it applies to the gained knowledge and ability to place props using the Prop Palette (a non-crafting activity).

Beyond CraftingEdit

  • In Landmark, some (but not all) items are crafted. Because of this, the word "recipe" could refer to your character's knowledge of how to craft an item like armor.
  • Some items are not crafted. This typically refers to props, which are placed using the Prop Palette (with the exception of a few gift props that Founder's may have).
  • To complicate the above, many things are Innate Items: that is, item knowledge your character begins with as soon as you log in for the first time.



Cropped for emphasis: a player discovers a rope prop while mining in the desert.

Recipes for non-innate items can be found while engaging in various non-building activities. When you loot a reipe it will show as a small purple satchel (bag) and a 'card' with the recipe name will appear on your screen.

Examples include:

Lumen StationEdit

Recipes can be added using Lumen Station.

  • Using the Lumen Station is optional, but it can be a way to spend the Lumens you earn from non-building activities (same as those listed above).
  • Those in a hurry to add recipes can also spend real world money to buy Daybreak Cash and then buy pack of Lumens to use in the Lumen Station.

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