Scales Of Pain
Leader Klikhizz Grimscale
Region Mainly EST but open to all
Focus RP
Style Casual
Server NA
Language Primary English but open to all

The Scales of Pain is a family friendly, light RP guild with a focus on teamwork and friendship. Originally founded in EverQuest in the spring of 2000 the Scales of Pain achieved many great things through their strong ties to each other and the server community as a whole. Our focus is on having fun together as a team and on building relationships that last. While we intend on experiencing all aspects of the game, we believe that the journey, stories and friendships that are built along the way are what is most important. We strive to provide a supportive and helpful atmosphere to our members and to the server community with which we interact.

While we do consider ourselves a RP guild, roleplay is encouraged but not required and guildchat is considered OOC. We intend to hold RP stories and events as well as working with other like minded members of the community to help create an immersive experience for all players by bringing more life to the world around us. We welcome all levels of roleplayers from the first timers to the RP vets looking for a fun, casual atmosphere in which to develop their character.

We plan to be active and enjoy both Everquest Next Landmark as well as Everquest Next.