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Smelted Copper is a metal resource that is made from mined Copper Ore.

Basic InfoEdit

All smelted metal is made at a Replicator.

  • To learn more about gathering the ore needed to make Smelted Copper see the Mining Guide.

How To MakeEdit

When made at the Replicator, this recipe makes 750 Smelted Copper.

Quantity Raw Resource
250 Copper Ore

As a Recipe ComponentEdit

An example of a recipe that used Smelted Copper is:

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As a Building MaterialEdit

Smelted Copper can be used as a building material. New textures are added all of the time, so check your the building materials section of the mega-palette in Build Mode in-game to see all textures.

Examples of Smelted Copper textures.


Other InformationEdit

Used in a number of other recipes.  Formerly called Copper Ingot.