Black Swan Brotherhood
Leader Hail EQ, EQ2, and EQOA Returning Players!
Region North America
Focus Enjoying Landmark as a fun friendly group!
Style Casual-Hardcore
Server TBD
Language English


Hail & Well Met!Edit

EverQuest NEXT & EverQuest NEXT Landmark Guild Accepting Members

We invite you to come to our website and discuss with our members what looks to be two long-term fun games.  We accumulate the latest information as it's available, and are also discussing our Guild's future plans.Edit

Take a look at what some of what our members are doing in Landmark!Edit

Call for RecruitsEdit

When a new game generates enough interest in our group of old friends we will plan on forming a guild for it and sometimes chose a new name. For EQN:Landmark it will be 'Black Swan Brotherhood'  named for one of our favorite spots in EverQuest Online Adventures. We currently have members experiencing Landmark in the Alpha phase of development. We are having a great time building and learning more about the game. Come join us now and play with some talented and interesting folks!

But...First Come Register and have a look around the website, apply for membership by posting a link with your name as the title in the application section. We are currently looking at adding players to our group and look forward to getting to know you and add you to our community.

Leadership StructureEdit

Our Guild runs a Council Type structure with a Leader who takes cues from a chosen group of Guild Members. Council members will be chosen during the Open Beta phase of development. Want to sit on the council? Then become involved now during the alpha and Closed beta development phases. Make a difference and be a part of something fun!

Our History

the Black Swan Inn


"Our" original guild was 'Hunters of the Fallen' from EQOA's Hodstock server dating back to 2003. We were known for our guild style of, "Honorable, Respected and Helpful", and look forward to upholding these same values as we explore the newest EQ worlds."

Contact InformationEdit

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