Welcome to our page! We are an ambitious, forward thinking guild getting set to hit the ground running come the launch of EverQuest Next Landmark's Alpha. Interested? Check out our website below.

Leader Maniken
Region Global
Focus Everything! Building, Harvesting, Exploring, Raiding, PvPing, Roleplaying.. we're very diverse.
Style A good mix of hardcore, casual, and optional roleplay.
Server To Be Decided
Language English

About the TrailblazersEdit

We are a group of like minded individuals that first met up on the Landmark Alpha forums. Over time (And lots of bantering, laughing, and thread derailment) we ended up discussing a project that we all wanted to work on as a group, one thing led to another and thus.. the guild was born. We have extensive goals and plenty of ideas, and hope to be a driving force behind Landmark for many years to come.

Joining the TrailblazersEdit

Right now, we are not recruiting. Thank you for your interest, and stay tuned for further information!


Our leadership is made up of a wide array of odd characters. Feel free to contact any of them on our forums if you have questions or concerns. 

  • Maniken, Guild Lead
  • Xurtan, Second-in-Command
  • Rudeneja, Forum Admin and Officer
  • Ellawyn, Officer
  • Seasiren, Officer
  • Kalen, Officer

Social NetworkingEdit

Twitter: @EQNTrailblazers

External LinksEdit