Landmark Wiki

I'm a past EQ and EQ2 player: Cistilya Ogerburner, Gnomish Wizard of famed tinkering renown.

I'm also in EQNL Alpha with the mid-tier Explorer package.

I hope to contribute a lot to this wiki.

Also, if I've made obvious mistakes, please feel free to fix them. If I've made a change that may require some discussion, please try the discussion first on my Message Wall - I'm easy to get along with unless you start your discussion by yelling at me and making odd references to my parental lineage. ;)

My parent clan now has a guild in Landmark! See the Guilds page for CS7. We currently have players in World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, Star Wars TOR, BF3, and others. We also have our own Minecraft and Call of Duty servers, as well as our own Teamspeak 3 server. For more information, please see our website: