Landmark Wiki

Hi everyone!

I LOVE the work you've been doing here on our wikia thus far, and I'm hoping to see more and more folks contribute. One of our content writers, Erin Oakley, has written a guide to help you navigate and contribute to the wikia. Here is what she had to say:

The Landmark Wikia: Help Us Build a Great Guide!

By Erin Oakley

In EverQuest Next Landmark, you make a direct impact on the world by building anything you can imagine.  But did you know that we have a helpful resource, the official Landmark Wikia, that’s just as customizable? You’ll find user-contributed pages on everything you need to know to get started in Landmark: 

  • Landmark Starter Guide - A basic overview of Landmark
  • Building - Where and how to start building your dream home
  • Exploring - The different biomes of Landmark
  • Gathering - Info on building materials and where to find them
  • Items - Craft ALL the things!
  • Fansite List - Add your site and get to know your fellow fans
  • Guild List - Add your guild and recruit new members

Ready to start contributing, but not sure how to use the site? Check out Yaviey's "Wikia Wednesday" series to become a wikia master:

Since Landmark is all about building, let's build an awesome guide together! See you on Wikia!