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Arg! Who knew that renaming an item would cause so much trouble. I think I've updated almost all text which relates to "Sundrop Heartwood" and updated it to "Petrified Heartwood". As I'm not on my gaming computer ATM, I couldn't tell you about the trickle-down effects of this name change. As a somewhat surprise/benefit, there was no "Serpentine Heartwood" page created yet, so there was little to update. Mossy Heartwood has now been created with very little info in it. If you see anything that references the old "Sundrop" or "Serpentine" names, please update them!

Also, now that the Metal descriptions have been updated, the tooltip images need to be updated (and likely the item descriptions). Please, please, update the existing images - don't create new ones. As general users can't delete images from the wiki system, it's getting increasingly difficult to determine what image represents the current configuration of any item. (See my other blog post which says in part: please give your images sensible names, and not names like "img0001.jpg".)

The recipes for all the Axes and the Silver Sickle have been updated in-game, please make sure these are correct. The Grappling Hooks and Pulverizers have been updated as well, in the game - these need a once over.

As a side note, can I say YEA! for adding additional hot bars?!

 Jarod997  Talk  Contribs  Landmark  1312h 11-Apr-2014