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Well, I've updated the rare tree drops, (Heartwood and such), the Axes, and a few images. Things are going slowly, but they're going. I have recent images for all the gem stones, and the basic components (like sand, dirt, stone, etc) but I haven't got to editing those yet.

As a note: if I see there is a similar image with a suitable name I will update that image. If there is a similar image, but the filename is something like "cap20140401-0002.jpg" I'm going to upload a new file. Please, if you're uploading images, make the file name descriptive. Also, make it specific - if the image represents an icon, call it an icon. If it's an "action shot" call it something like "in-action", "in-situ", or "in-use".

If you have any questions about the {{RawMaterial}} template we're using, please let me know. The template file itself has descriptions, usage, and what not. There's also a discussion going on in the forums on how to best uniformly represent the items in the game. Please read, and if you feel so inclined, contribute!

Oh, one more thing. Please don't use a bracketed name extension on a page unless some form of disambiguation is required. Metals are now being called by their name; "Copper Ore" with a section on building materials and crafting recipies. "Copper (material)" is extraneous and not required. Only in a few circumstances (none of which I can think of at the moment) should we consider using brackets. Call the article name (page name) the same as what the item is in the game. Makes sense, right?

I'm also trying out a new sig line I borrowed from another user. I like it. =8o)

That's it for now. Lots more editing to do.

 Jarod997  Talk  Contribs  Landmark  1310h, 8-Apr-2014